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A Scientific Look into Preservation of Food with Salt
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A Scientific Look into Preservation of Food with Salt Featured

Salt serves four main purposes in the preservation of food, especially meats.

1)The first is inducing osmosis: this process involves the movement of water outside of the membranes of the cells, which in turn reabsorb the salted water back into the cell; this process assists in the destruction of harmful pathogens (harmful microorganisms).

2)The second is dehydration, which means the salt pulls excess water from the protein, which aids in the shelf-life of the protein, as there is less moisture present for bacterial growth. 

3)Fermentation is the third, in which salt assists in halting the fermentation process which would otherwise completely break the meat down. 

4)Finally, salt assists in denaturing proteins, which in essence means the structure of the proteins is effectively shifted, similar to the effects of cooking.

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