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A Revamped and Romantic Restaurant of Buckhead: Ocean Prime
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A Revamped and Romantic Restaurant of Buckhead: Ocean Prime Featured

Ocean Prime opened in October 2011 and has been a gem of Buckhead ever since.  The location used to be a quaint Jazz Restaurant and Lounge and has transformed to a high-end, elegant restaurant that has been awarded several “Best of” awards by local publications.

Our first experience at Ocean Prime was during a special birthday.  The staff was welcoming and truly made the experience special.  Our server greeted the celebrant with a glass of champagne to start our dinner and went the extra mile throughout the evening.


We started with an order of oysters and ironically did not receive them.  Now, I do believe in redemption so I was interested to see how the server was going to make up for the kitchen’s mistake.  About 5 minutes later, the sous chef made an appearance to our table with a seafood tower of lobster claws, oysters, and shrimp on ice cascaded with smokes of dry ice.  It was definitely a step up from  what we expected and a nice way to redeem the forgotten oysters.

For dinner we each took advantage of their Sunday 3 course dinner, which consisted of soup or salad, an entree and a dessert for a reasonable $39.  I had the lobster bisque and the crab stuffed lobster tail with a medium rare ribeye steak.  The ribeye was full of flavor, tender and juicy.  It was lightly seasoned with a steak rub that brought out great flavor of the protein.  The crab stuffed lobster had chunks of crab meat tossed with a light breading in a steamed lobster tail.  A simple squeeze of lemon and dip of melted butter made the lobster tail delicious.

At the end of the meal we expected to received our individual desserts; however we were surprised with an entire spread of sweet delights.  The server brought out a large cut of a neapolitan ice cream cake and a multi-layered carrot cake for everyone to share.  The cake we brought was lit with multiple candles and illuminated the table.  We all took a group picture which the manager had printed and framed for us as a keepsake.  This definitely was an over the top service for such a special occasion.

Obviously the birthday celebration is not an everyday occurrence.  I had a craving for a good steak on a Tuesday evening so I decided to make another stop over at Ocean Prime for a surprise visit.  Again, I had a wonderful experience with a courteous staff and great quality food.  I got a chance to converse with the executive chef and pay my respects to his craft.

Ocean Prime has a romantic and high class ambiance that would be great for a special occasion or dinner date.  The patio is also a great place to have a cocktail with the cushion lounge chairs and the crystal fireplaces.  The staff is consistent at making your experience enjoyable and the food’s quality will make you want to return over and over.

The Classy Critic rates Ocean Prime with a high 6 ½ diamonds out of 7 rating.


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Food and Service was Great! Reviewed by DMCS on . Our service was great and the food was really good too. Rating: 6 7
Definitely coming back Reviewed by The Classy Critic on . Food is great but on the pricey side; great atmosphere for a date night or special occasion dinner; amazing service that is very attentive Rating: 5 7
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