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A New Indian Restaurant That Will Be Here Today and Gone Tomorrow: Currylicious- Duluth
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A New Indian Restaurant That Will Be Here Today and Gone Tomorrow: Currylicious- Duluth Featured

Currylicious in Norcross- Satellite Blvd, Duluth, GA

I was asked by a colleague to review a new Indian Restaurant called Currylicious on Satellite Boulevard in Duluth, Georgia.  Currylicious is a family-owned Indian restaurant that opened in the beginning of 2014. The executive chef is mom, the front of house is dad, and the sous chef and business operations are run by the son, Azim Hooda.  For a restaurant to have ‘delicious’ as part of its name, I thought I’d be in for a treat. On the contrary, I experienced the opposite.

Again, my intention is never to slander or misrepresent a restaurant’s business or name; however, the people need to know the truth about an establishment before spending their hard earned money somewhere. Below are just a few reasons why Currylicious received such a low rating and I predict will close in less than 12 months (and that’s being generous) unless they make some drastic changes.

  1. still has pieces of old ownership that make it look like an old Chinese or Japanese restaurant with wood trimmings
  2. extremely slow service with one server for the entire restaurant
  3. poor communication between server and kitchen as the backend cook had to come to our table and double check what we ordered
  4. no all
  5. remainders of plastic coverings on their chairs as if they were just shipped to the restaurant
  6. plastic picnic cloth as table cover beside the buffet line
  7. NO alcohol at the bar
  8. used one pitcher of water to serve all tables with no ice
  9. long wait for refill of beverages
  10. When given initial feedback, Azim spoke over my friend and I, did not allow us to complete a thought, began to get speak loudly and passionately, and became very defensive over small critiques we made of the overall experience. This showed his arrogance, lack of listening skills, and closed-mindedness to critisism and change.
  11. In addition his defense to lack of service was because my colleague was his friend and he’s supposed to understand that the other customers come first, even though it was my first visit and he knew I was a critic. Very contradicting!


1 diamond out of 7 diamonds for the authenticity of the food and that it is family owned and operated. However no more credit can be awarded to this place for the simple reasons above.

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