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Sandy Springs' Secret Seafood Hideaway: Hammock's Trading Company- Sandy Springs
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Sandy Springs' Secret Seafood Hideaway: Hammock's Trading Company- Sandy Springs Featured

Hammock’s Trading Company is off of Roswell Road in Sandy Springs and is a seafood gem!  I've passed it several times, but never was drawn into the place until I saw it featured on an episode of Atlanta Eats. Hammock’s tag line is “Eat. Drink. Hangout”, and that is exactly what you do there.  Its a casual atmosphere that has a plethora of seafood options. Hammocks prides itself in being a blend of southern coastal seafood and Baja California cuisine.

As you walk in you're greeted by the hostess at a small podium and seated pretty quickly unless it is during peak times and on the weekend.  Of the times I have visited, my party and I have never had a wait longer than 5 minutes, and that’s just typically for them to clean and set the table.  During most of my visits I have been served by Anthony, who is an awesome and personable server.  He is very attentive, polite and always willing to lend a suggestion on what to order.  We tried his suggestion of the oysters roasted with BBQ butter.  These were a cool twist on traditional raw oysters.  It was sweet, tangy, and full of’s a definite favorite.  Whenever I have an oyster craving, I have to come to Hammocks.  Everyday they have half off on a dozen of raw oysters on the half shell from 4 pm to 6 pm… priced at about $8.50 a dozen during that time.  Less than $10 for a dozen oysters, you just can’t beat that!

My favorite dish thus far has been their Cioppino, which is an Italian-American seafood stew that originated in San Francisco consisting of a tomato and white wine based soup.  Hammock’s Cioppino dish is amazing!  The bowl is full of scallops, mussels, clams, fish, and squid.  It also comes with two slices of a toasted baguette drizzled in a creamy sauce that compliments the soup.  Each mouthful of the seafood and baguette dipped in the stew made me continue to want more and more.   

Another dish that I love to order is the baked salmon.  It is steamed with grilled onions, potatoes, dill and butter.  The salmon is cooked perfectly medium and has a soft, moist and buttery mouth-feel. It is a very close second to their Cioppino.The staff is friendly and laid back, the food is full of flavor and very reasonably priced, and the atmosphere makes you feel like you’re at the end of a pier on the beach coast.

Hammock’s Trading Company gets a 6 diamond rating out of 7… thanks for the continued hospitality!


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