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Brunch... Lunch... And a Hearty Munch: West Egg Cafe- Atlanta (Midtown)
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Brunch... Lunch... And a Hearty Munch: West Egg Cafe- Atlanta (Midtown) Featured


We have been hearing about West Egg Cafe for the longest time from friends and colleagues. It has received much recognition from other various Atlanta publications as ‘Best Breakfast in Georgia’ and ‘Best Breakfast in Atlanta’ for several years.  It’s one of the Howell Mill/ Midtown areas go-to brunch and breakfast restaurants.  I finally got a chance to experience this place with a client of mine.  We came in on a mid-morning Tuesday and was glad to see that the line wasn’t wrapped around the corner like it normally is.  There was a good amount of people in the restaurant having brunch but definitely not super busy for a Tuesday.


The menus were in these old vintage folders and they had every breakfast lovers favorite dish, from waffles to eggs benedict.  I was feeling bold so I had the Georgia Benedict, which was turkey sausage patties, two eggs, turkey sausage gravy over a split biscuit with grits.  I also had a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice.  The OJ was very fresh and had the perfect ratio of sweetness and tang.

It took about 15 minutes or more for our plates to come out which was not too bad since we had business to discuss.  But when they did arrive, they looked magnificent.  Order was done perfectly and it arrived hot and full of flavor.  The Georgia Benedict was like an eggs benedict with a southern flair.  The white turkey sausage gravy was delicious and I had to make sure every bite I had was drenched in that stuff.  I especially liked the biscuit, which was nice and buttery and still had a crispness to it.  All the flavors of the turkey sausage, gravy and the biscuit were a matched made in heaven and it was a somewhat healthier version by using turkey instead of pork or beef, which then made me feel less guilty for eating it.  Now it was a hefty portion of food so I took the other half of the biscuit to go for an afternoon snack. Oh and of course I can’t neglect the grits that it came with.  WOW…. super creamy with the right amount of salt and butter that I didn’t need to add a thing.  It was a great compliment to my meal. Overall, West Egg Cafe definitely lived up to its hype!

After finishing our meals and chatting about work and everything else, we had to jet since a winter storm was anticipating to hit Atlanta.  I was trying to find my waitress to wave her down.  It took me about 5 minutes to find her to just ask for the bill, then an extra 5 minutes to wait for her to run my card.  That is probably my largest pet peeve is below average service. Maybe she was new and maybe she was swamped with various tables, but being MIA to a table trying to leave was not an ideal way to end such an awesome meal.

Either way, West Egg Cafe is a wonderful breakfast restaurant that every Atlantian or visitor should try at least once.  Very modern and industrial type of decor, which repurposed materials and warm colors. Its the neighboring communities gem and where people enjoy spending time on a Saturday morning. I’ll definitely be back for another visit.

Flavorful food, creative decor, extensive menu, but somewhat slow service…

5 1/2 diamonds out of 7 diamonds




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