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Authentic Thai Food for the Atlantan: Tamarind Seed Thai Bistro- Midtown Atlanta
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Authentic Thai Food for the Atlantan: Tamarind Seed Thai Bistro- Midtown Atlanta

Tamarind Seed Thai Bistro started in 1989 on the upper east side of New York.  When the Chef Nan and her family relocated to Atlanta in 1996, Tamarind Seed became the first location in Atlanta of the family-owned Thai trio restaurant group, including fine dining restaurant Nan Thai and modern casual dining eatery Tuk Tuk Loft.  Located in Colony Square off Peachtree St and 14th Street, Tamarind Seed is a great dining option for business professionals or visitors.

Tamarind Seed has now become a landmark in Atlanta.  It features authentic Thai cuisine with a modern flair.  I have enjoyed every dish I have ordered during my many visits.  The atmosphere is warm and inviting with genuine Thai artifacts and artwork.  The staff is dressed in conservative Thai embellished uniforms and speak fluent Thai.  You would think you entered into a fine dining restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand.  Each day the chef features specials that captivate the true flavors of the culture.

Some of my favorite dishes are the roasted duck and the sea bass.  The duck is super tender and the skin is crisp and flavorful.  The panang curry sauce, which is a coconut milk based sauce with a hint of spice, is a great combination of sweet and spicy.  The chilean sea bass is lightly battered and fried and drizzled with the chef’s signature three chili sauce.  Great flavors and textures in this dish and plenty of food to fill your stomach and then some.

I truly appreciate how Tamarind Seed stays true to its authenticity from the decor, staff, and food flavors.  Of the Thai people I know, the culture can be described as spiritual, pure, holistic, peaceful and humble. You definitely get a true sense of that description when dining at Tamarind Seed Thai Bistro.

Wonderful and authentic Thai food, polite and attentive staff, embellished ambiance….

Tamarind Seed gets 6 diamonds out of a possible 7!


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