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A Classic Tribute to Casual French Cuisine that Will Keep You Coming Back: Bistro Niko- Atlanta (Buckhead)

After a rainy day and a long morning of going wedding dress shopping for a close friend, we stopped into Bistro Niko, a part of the Buckhead Life Restaurant Group, in the heart of Buckhead to have a late lunch and stepped into a French escape.  Bistro Niko is located on the corner of Peachtree Rd and Tower Place Drive in Buckhead. You can’t miss the maroon umbrella over the patio area with ‘Bistro Niko’ printed in gold.

The atmosphere is very elegant and traditional.  From the hardwood floors and red leather booths to the dark mahogany colored wood chairs, tables, and wood trimmings, Bistro Niko is truly a French haven with the food to match.

For lunch I ordered the crispy pork belly topped with a fried egg and crisped duck potatoes.  I had seen Bistro Niko recently featured on Atlanta Eats and had to try these potatoes that were fried in duck fat.  My dish came out beautifully plated.  The meat of the pork belly was tender and the center was the fat of the pork belly crisped on the outside and juicy on the inside.  It was seasoned well and mustard crusted. The fried egg added to the moistness of the meat and complimented the duck potatoes as well.  I could taste the burst of flavor in the potatoes being fried in duck fat versus in regular vegetable oil.  The food was well prepared and there wasn’t a bit of anything left on my plate after I was done.  Everyone else at the table had nothing but great things to say about their lunch or brunch entrees.

I also had a taste of the Ramos Fizz afternoon cocktail, which had gin, lemon and lime juice, simple syrup, dashe orange, flower water, oz cream, egg white, and soda.  It was very interesting when I read the description, and my adventurous palate was definitely eager to try it.  One thing I will say about that cocktail, the bartender did not skimp on the alcohol.  Maybe I’m just a bit sensitive to the taste of alcohol, but it was definitely evident in the drink.  Once I got used to the strong taste of gin, the cocktail was very light and refreshing, which is how I prefer a cocktail, especially in the afternoon.

Overall, I had a wonderful experience at Bistro Niko as well as the other 7 women of our party.

Wonderful French food, casual and relaxing ambiance, friendly and attentive wait staff…


6 ½ diamonds out of 7!




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Additional Facts about Duck Meat --Source: Fatty Acids in Foods and Their Health Implications" Ching Kuang Chow

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