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An Italian Neighborhood Eatery: Cibo E Beve- Sandy Springs
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An Italian Neighborhood Eatery: Cibo E Beve- Sandy Springs

Cibo E Beve is another 101 Concept in the same restaurant group as Food 101 and Meehan's.  Located in Dunwoody off Roswell Rd in the same shopping complex as Food 101, it is in a prime location for the Sandy Springs/ Dunwoody and even Buckhead professionals.  

Cibo E Beve is an Italian inspired restaurant with an open kitchen. I started with the calamari, which was somewhat chewy and softer than I expected so I wasn't a true fan of it.  Then I had the lunch burger with fries and that was pretty good.  Burger was cooked medium an was on a toasted bun.  It was very flavorful and moist.  Granted I did not have an entree that was authentic Italian, but I didnt' get a sense of Italian from the ambiance in general. More so looked like an upscale casual place for lunch or dinner and resembled the Food 101 atmosphere.  Either way, the service was still good and my lunch was very satisfying.

Not bad, but not that memorable. For now, it's getting ....5 diamonds.



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