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A Neighborhood Fast Brunch Munch: J. Christopher's- Dunwoody
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A Neighborhood Fast Brunch Munch: J. Christopher's- Dunwoody

J. Christopher's is a local diner style restaurant that caters to breakfast, brunch, and lunch lovers.  They have multiple locations around Metro Atlanta and have a friendly atmosphere.

I had a custom omelette with veggies and goat cheese, which was nice and fluffy and not overly oily, which I've gotten at other breakfast places.  I also had a bowl of their jalapeno and bacon cheese grits, which were creamy with a nice crunch.

My experience at the Sandy Springs location was bittersweet.  Though the food was good and the atmosphere was very family oriented and friendly, our server was not up to par.  First, he was a little close for comfort and leaned up against our booth, which made me uncomfortable.  He also forgot that my grits required the bacon and jalapenos in it and instead of getting me a new order, he simply gave me chopped bacon and jalapenos on the side to mix in myself. Not a good look.  I will say he did try to compensate by taking the order of grits off the bill completely, but the events leading up to that moment did not settle well with me.

Overall, J. Christopher's is a great place to take the family or friends for any early meals with great tasting food and a unique menu; however, make sure you have an experienced server no matter the location you go to.  4 1/2 diamond rating!


Science Fact:

Grits are a traditional southern American dish made from ground dried hominy (a specially processed corn), which is simmered until soft and creamy.

When cooked, the grits expand and absorb the cooking liquid, taking on a somewhat gelatinized consistency. Different grinds of grits are available, ranging from coarse to medium to fine.

Grits don't have much flavor on their own, but will take on the flavor of the cooking liquid. Grits are also typically flavored with salt, butter and cheese.

A good rule of thumb when cooking grits is that they will absorb about four times their volume in liquid. Therefore, to prepare one cup of grits, you'd use four cups of water or stock, simmering for twenty to twenty-five minutes until the liquid is fully absorbed. Instant grits are also available, which cook in just a few minutes.


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  • Comment Link The Classy Critic Friday, 13 June 2014 11:37 posted by The Classy Critic

    not my go-to place for brunch, but it gets me full if I'm looking for something low cost and quaint

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