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Fun, Fab, and Friendly: 10th & Piedmont - Midtown Atlanta
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Fun, Fab, and Friendly: 10th & Piedmont - Midtown Atlanta

10th & Piedmont is in the heart of Midtown Atlanta in the LGBT neighborhoods.  And if anyone knows me, I love the gays! I fully support the community. Regardless, the restaurant has a great lounge feel to it and the food was nice and comforting.


I went to 10th & Piedmont for the first time November 28th, 2013 for their first annual Thanksgiving buffet.  I learned that they opened end of November 2012 so 2013 was their first year to have the Thanksgiving event, but they will continue to have it be an annual soiree.  The works were laid out for their first buffet.  Items such as mixed green salad, butternut squash soup, red beets and feta cheese, mac and cheese, potato au gratin, pork loin, turkey with white mushroom cream sauce, green beans, cornbread muffin... just to name a few! It was a Thanksgiving-lovers heaven!

The food was well prepared on a mass scale. Turkey was cooked well and not super dry, which was how I was expecting it. Cornbread muffins were divine and mac and cheese was yummy!

My server, Chris, was super friendly and hilarous! Atmosphere and music was live (they played Britney Spears, TLC, old school hip hop and jazz all on the same playlist). Food was overly satisfying.  4 1/2 diamonds!



Science Fact:

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