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Red, White & Brew 2014 Review
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Red, White & Brew 2014 Review Featured

Red, White & Brew is an annual event held on the Fourth of July at the Georgia Aquarium, where an admission ticket gives visitors access to a live band, unlimited food & alcohol, and a firework viewing from the top of the parking deck. All proceeds raised from this event goes towards Sponsored Education Admissions (SEA), as well as other educational initiatives of the Georgia Aquarium, which offers kids a closer look into understanding aquatic life.

Once we arrived at the Georgia Aquarium to check-in, we were given a souvenir Red, White & Brew glass cup that we were able to use to sample some of the many beers the event had to offer. Honestly, out of all the beer vendors there, Angry Orchard & SweetWater were the only ones I had personally heard of, but being able to sample many of the more upscale beers that I had never heard of was a great experience. The venue provided Dark Ale, Golden Ale, Pilsner, Lager, and Wheat beers for my palate.  After sampling a few cups of beer, I decided to put something in my stomach. Fortunately for me, Wolfgang Puck catered the event with a delicious All-American barbeque dinner featuring barbeque chicken, pulled pork, baked beans, potato salad, turkey burgers, and other small finger foods. However, our lead critics had differing opinions:

‘You could tell that the food was mass-produced and somewhat overcooked.  It served its purpose to feed several hundreds of people, but definitely the food was cooked by a few line chefs and some assistants in the kitchen.  The desserts were overly sweet, but again it was a large event with a low ticket admission so we understand it wasn’t meant to be fine dining.  Great presentation of the food and had friendly servers on standby to help clear tables and service quests with questions. 4 out of 7 diamonds for just the food.’

Since I wasn’t completely hungry, all I ate was some barbeque chicken and a few potato chips. In my opinion, the pieces of barbeque chicken were cooked to perfection like mom made them, not to mention that they were huge! The chicken was lightly coated with barbeque sauce and had a slight smoky flavor that made it seem like I was at a cookout.

The atmosphere of Red, White & Brew was quite pleasant. They provided us with several activities to participate in. Held in the grand Oceans Ballroom, people lined up to take pictures in front of the multiple tanks as fish, Beluga Whales, and even whale sharks swam by. The Geeks, an Atlanta-based “cover band” performed their rendition of many American classics from different genres of music, such as Hey Ya! by Andre 3000, Kiss by Prince, and Sweet Home Alabama by Lynard Skynard. Guests also had options of how they would like to remember their experience at Red, White & Brew: by photography or personal portrait sketches. In the ballroom, an OMG Booth was set up for photography of the guests with many of the signage being Independence Day themed. Caricature artists also filled the ballroom entrance with lines exceeding 10-20 minutes just to get drawn on paper with a friend.

At the end of the night, we took to the top floor of the Georgia Aquarium’s parking deck with lawn chairs and blankets to witness a spectacular firework show from Centennial Park. Families gathered, couples cuddled, and kids watched in amazement of the colorful sky display. After the firework show, we all stood to applaud, while chanting “USA! USA! USA!” all the way to the parking lot. For my first time, Red, White & Brew was an awesome event, which I definitely plan on going to again.

-Brent Y.

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