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Shuck 'em, Roast 'em and have a Toast to 'em! : Steamhouse Lounge's Annual Oyster Fest 2014 Featured

Oyster Fest February

Oysterfest is hosted by Steamhouse Lounge in Midtown Atlanta where they block off a portion of 11th St. and W Peachtree for the masses of people enjoying oysters, alcohol and live music.  This year (2014) was a 2 day event, February 22nd and 23rd, to celebrate Oysterfest’s 27th anniversary and was a large success for the restaurant, sponsors and charity ( it benefits.  

The weekend was sunny with highs in the mid 60s and low 70s with a cool breeze. Like any other large festival in Atlanta, there were masses amounts of people of diverse age groups and ethnicities.  There were plenty of beer bottles and plastic cups full of alcohol that you could smell from a few blocks away.  The stage was set up on the grass field where people stood around listening to 80s cover songs and feel-good live music.

Unlike most people, I wasn’t there for the music and the beer… I was focused on the FOOD!  I immediately went to the oyster line where buckets of roasted oysters were being sold for only $15.  The only catch was that you had to shuck them yourself.  There were at least 2 dozen oysters in the  bucket, and my friend and I had to learn the technique to shucking oysters.  Yes, we got battle wounds, and yes, we laughed at each other the entire time.  But it was definitely an experience.  It was then I understood why oysters are not cheap.  It’s that shucking process that you really pay for.

Overall it was a nice low key kind of a festival.  The event was something new and different to do on that gorgeous weekend, hang out with friends, listen to live music and drink, and learn how to shuck oysters.

Oysterfest gets a 4 1/2 diamonds out of 7 diamonds.



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