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The Classy Critic

Fermentation of Food

Fermentation of Food

Fermentation, a type of anaerobic (without oxygen/air) respiration, an energy-releasing process that takes place in the absence of free (chemically uncombined) oxygen. Fermentation results in the breakdown of carbohydrates and other complex organic substances into simpler substances.

A Scientific Look into Preservation of Food with Salt

Salt serves four main purposes in the preservation of food, especially meats.

1)The first is inducing osmosis: this process involves the movement of water outside of the membranes of the cells, which in turn reabsorb the salted water back into the cell; this process assists in the destruction of harmful pathogens (harmful microorganisms).

Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival 2015

Ford Fry’s JCT. Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival at Westside Provisions

District Gears Up for July 19!

What: Chef Ford Fry’s seventh annual JCT. Kitchen & Bar Attack of the Killer Tomato Festival hits the

streets of the Westside Provisions District on Sunday, July 19 from 1-5 p.m. More than 50 chefs and

mixologists are ramping up their best tomato-filled recipes for the competition, a fundraiser for The

Giving Kitchen and Georgia Organics. Plus, Beastie Boys and Sublime tribute band Ill Communication and Five Bone Rack, Fry’s all-chef band, will take to the stage.

Premium Cuts of MEAT Without the Premium Price: Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse

We frequent the Buckhead area for great shopping and restaurants.  One place that had caught my eye during it's development was Chama Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse.  I wasn't really sure what to expect as the restaurant has only been open for 2 months now.  

Chama Gaucha is a Brazilian Steakhouse with locations in Houston, Chicago, San Antonio and now our beloved Atlanta.  The decor is modern and warm with dark wood finishes and beautiful walk-in wine cellar as you enter the restaurant.