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And The Classy Critic Emerged...

The Classy Critic began with the love of food. Food makes you feel satisfied and fosters fellowship among friends, family, and new connections.

Metro Atlanta has become a 'foodie' city only in the past decade or more.  When the 1996 Olympics came to Atlanta, more and more corporations moved headquarters, satellite offices and executives to the city.  With that, the restaurateurs, culinary artists, and product innovators found the opportunity to capitalize on Atlanta's growth.  Immigrants have transplanted into the city and have introduced the traditional palate to new spices, delicacies, and flavors that the people have come to appreciate.  As Atlanta is continuing to diversify itself culturally, the food community is evolving with it and will continue to see more innovation and expansion as time progresses.

The Classy Critic envisioned a place to capture all of the great aspects of the food world from a different perspective.  The site focuses on local Atlanta based restaurants, chefs, products and events all centered around food.  The twist is that with each experience, a mini science lesson is taught to the audience about the chemistry, microbiology, and engineering behind the food.

So then the question becomes... 'Who is The Classy Critic?'

Any critic in any field knows that their alias is an important aspect of their craft. However, with technology and social media, it becomes nearly impossible to be incognito.  The Classy Critic also understands that in order for the vision to take flight, the public needs to be engaged in all aspects of the brand and appreciate the concept for what it is as well as the mastermind behind it.

The beauty and brains behind the operation is a young full breed Filipino American emerging entrepreneur.  Jennifer's passion for food began as a little girl helping the women of the family prep and concoct authentic Filipino dishes and gathering with family just to get together and eat.  She is a hard working and ambitious spirit with a compassionate heart and a positive personality to match. Some call her 'socially accepted' while others see her constantly building her empire in Atlanta.  Born in the Bay Area of California but raised in the southern traditions of Atlanta, Georgia, she is definitely a unique individual with a vision greater than herself.  Her educational background is in Food Science and Technology with a Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership & Service from The University of Georgia, which is where the science twist of the brand comes from.  Her passions include positively influencing the younger generation and giving back to those less fortunate.

The Classy Critic has been a long time vision, and Jen is humbled and blessed to finally see it come to fruition.

Savoring the Science in Style


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