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Why now? and What makes The Classy Critic unique?

The Classy Critic focuses on local Atlanta restaurants, private chefs, food products, and  exclusive events that center around food. It's a science based series of food and event critiques that gives a small shot of 'smarts' to its readers on the chemistry, microbiology, and engineering behind the creativity of food.

Food Science is commonly mistaken for culinary arts or nutrition/dietetics.  However, food science breaks down food on the atomic level and how chemicals of food interact with one another.  A food scientist is also an innovator that takes a concept of a food product and develops it into the mass produced item the public sees on their grocery store shelves or in restaurants.

The Classy Critic is purposed to become a diverse community of food lovers that can fellowship and network with one another around the one thing that everyone loves... GOOD FOOD!

Savoring the Science in Style

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